Mysella S5 N 40

Mysella S5 N 40

Product Description

Premium, long life, low ash stationary gas engine oil

Product Specification

Suitable in engine types where a "low ash" oil is required; Approved by Cummins QSV 81G/91G, QSK 60G; GE Jenbacher Series 2, 3, 4 and CAT - Series 6 all versions Fuel Class A and CAT Fuel Class A and CAT - Series 4 (from version C) Fuel Class B and C - Series 6 (from version F) Fuel Class B and C; Guascor FGLD, SFGLD; MAN D&T Medium Speed Engines for Gas Operation; MAN T&B M 3271-2; MTU Series 4000 L61/L62/L63/ L64 and L32/ L33; MWM gas engines-TR 2105; Caterpillar CG132, CG170, CG260-TR 2105; MAK GCM 34 Category 1; Rolls Royce KG-1, KG-2, KG-3, KG-4, BV-G, CR-G; Perkins 4000 series; Wartsila W 34SG, W 50SG, W 20DF, W 32DF, W34DF, W 50DF, W 25SG, W 28SG, W 175SG, W 220SG; Waukesha Cogen and 220GL (Pipeline Quality Natural Gas). Furthermore, meets requirement of Caterpillar Stationary Gas Engines; Waukesha (other gas engine types); Tedom